Would you like to learn German very quickly and effectively? Preferably among like-minded people? With 30 lessons per week, you will make rapid progress thanks to our holistic learning concept. Furthermore you will have plenty of time to practise and, above all, to speak.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the German language and to gradually get involved in the way of life. A special experience that you will never forget. 

Learn German Intensively - day after day

In all German courses, whether in Dortmund or elsewhere you learn German. Compared to regular courses, intensive courses take place every day from monday to friday. At this point you can deal intensively with the German language and extend your vocabulary and grammatical skills very quickly. Apart from the language, you learn a lot about the mentality and culture. 


German intensive courses are extremly effective as you will speak, listen, read and write German every day. In addition to that, you are going to be assigned with daily homework, so that you can continue to practise and repeat what you have learned in class at the same time. 

Attending a german intensive course - yes or no?

Deciding which type of German you should take part in, is not always easy. As a marker for decision making, we provide you with some questions, that you can take into consideration: 

If one of the four descriptions fits you, you should take part in a German intensive course. 


in case of  cancellations due to illness or absence of the teacher, the cancelled lessons will be catched up at the end of the course. As a result, it is possible that the intensive course may take longer.

Proof required for German Intensive Course from level A2

If you are interested in an intensive German course from level A2, we require proof of the German language skills you have learned so far. In this case, we accept both – certificates and certificates of attendance. These must not be older than six months and must be brought along, at the latest, when the course starts.

German intensive courses with free placement test

Aren’t you a beginner and can’t provide any proof, we suggest that you take a free placement test. You can pass this test  at the Auslandsgesellschaft Dortmund. On the basis of this test, we will assess your German language skills and assign you to the best course. In this way, we avoid the risk that you will be over- or underchallenged in the course.

Conclusion: Learn German Effectively

A German intensive course at the Auslandsgesellschaft is an effective way to learn German in Dortmund. Almost no other German course in Dortmund will give you such intensive exposure to the German language. With our learning concept, you will quickly reach a high level of proficiency. Finally, by attending you will methodically expand your vocabulary and deal intensively with the syntax of the German language.